Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 5 – Day 6

With such a bunch of helping hands, work progresses quickly. So far everything is working out fine, we move within the time limits.

For the last two days though, Tony, an important backbone of our staff, seemed to have disappeared from the construction site. Was he fed up? Did he need a break? Not at all! He just hid the whole time in the playtunnel, providing it’s inside walls of rough concrete with a protective layer, so that the children won’t harm themselves while crawling around in it once it’s done.

9:50 a.m.: The gravel never ends! This time the van delivered 25 tons that need to be distributed all over the playground area. Not an easy task at all. In fact it’s the main challenge of the day. The kids take it on unterrified.

12:20 p.m.: Two and a half hours later: Together we are strong! And highly effective. The pile of gravel diminished substantially and there is light and the end of the tunnel.

A distinct division of labour is essential: Here are two examples: The little man is struggling to dump the heavy load from the handcart, while Martina hurries to give him a hand. The ‚Rakemaster’ distributes the gravel around evenly until an adequat level is reached.

2nd example: The gravel has to be compressed to a certain extend of density. Due to it’s enormous weight of several tons the heavy vibrator is not very much inclined to move, no matter how hard you try to encourage it. Andrzej, with the yellow base cap, does his best to move the baby and is really glad to have two resolute combatants to help maneuvering the thing around.

Now actually! Just how heavy IS that clumsy thing? The boys wanna find out. They are pushing  and shoving but the inert machine is stubborn like a herd of donkeys. Without it’s favourite beverage, a 100 octane-gasolin, low lead, with just a pinch of acetone, (shaken, not stirred), it wouldn’t even think of moving a tiny bit. 

16:20 p.m.: Only six and a half hours later: The pile of gravel is gone! An achievemant for the guinness book of records. The day’s major task is being accomplished. But the gravel story is not over yet. The next chapter will be written the day after tomorrow, when the next truckload is to come. Let’s face it: There’s no way getting around gravel at a construction site like this.