Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 7 - Day 9

The future play areas are beginning to take shape more and more. In a meeting with our Czech architect Jana in the early morning the team was able to clarify some urgent questions.

"What looks like a rubbish dumb now, will soon be a safe and pretty staircase?"

The hour of the meter man has come – many wooden stakes with white strings strapped around them divide the construction ground in several sections, according to the architect’s original plans. With a bit of fantasy and imagination they make it easier to have a vision of how the whole thing might look alike once everything is done. They also make it a lot easier to stumble and hit your nose. So you better watch out! 
 The team splits up to take on different tasks.
The old banister’s job is done. Nobody knows exactly how many kids it kept from running carelessly onto the street, or how many teenagers it served to lean against it casually and cool like James Dean. In fact, nobody cares. Life is cruel sometimes, but on the other hand, who wants to be in the way of progress? This banister literally belongs to the old iron.
 Leonard is working hard to get the old concrete off the old metal fence pole…
…while Michael and Wim are setting curb stones.
A steaming cup of coffee never tastes better than in a well deserved break from work! The ladies in the neighborhood are aware of that and can’t be stopped from spoiling the working crew every day with refreshments of all kinds. A gesture just as nice as welcome.
A warm stomach evokes new energy: Patrick sets new time standards in digging a ditch for a drainage.
The play tunnel’s face is getting prettier by the minute. No wonder, if you can rely on such charming assistance as Leonard.
These two fellows who brought their ball along seem to be a bit too optimistic. Looks like they reckoned with being able to inaugurate the playground already. We understand how they feel, but they will have to be just a bit more patient. 
Who says girls don’t know how to handle heavy construction gear?!