Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When the first preparation work on the site got started, the map with the planned playground was posted on a board at the construction site.
“Oh, wow! Here will be a swing!” - The children of Pobiedna are studying 
enthusiastically and very interested the map of their future playground.

 First step: Measuring out the different playground sections 
As soon as the work began the children from Pobiedna gathered to help. 
Here you see them taking out  the stones of the old pathway,
 making space for new ones...
... and with joined efforts the work was
accomplished quickly.
Natural - Joyful – Spontaneous: The children are bringing 
a playful atmosphere to the construction site.
Besides the pathway stones also the lawn had to be removed...
...and a lot of digging had to be done to prepare for the new playground areas.
The LCP Tractor is very attractive for big and small.
Magda and Mateusz found the perfect spot to watch their father working
 for their future playground.
Pobiedna kids, their parents and the LCP crew are working together very closely – 
creating thereby a new community spirit.
Concrete nonstop: The railing of the new staircase is being made.
Nils, Igor, Andrzej and Leonard are helping to unload 
the big concrete rings for the play tunnel.
Even big machinery came to assist with the major ground work. 

 The children are looking very much forward to their new place – 
They are even drawing picturesof how it will look after all work is accomplished. 
Spontaneously the children visualized their interaction with the LCP crew 
by drawing the LCP house at Wola Sokolowska Street. In this upper part 
of the drawing all the kids signed with their names and in the lower part 
the names of the LCP crew members are written.
 The Joy of working together and getting to know each other is growing day by day, 
and we are looking forward to see where this new way of interacting will lead us ...