Saturday, June 23, 2012


After a good night’s rest, a nourishing breakfast and a brief conference in which the tasks of the day were discussed, the workers are ready to meet new challenges. The guys in the picture above are moving a big pile of soil from A to B.

While here in the foreground a new curb for the road is being put up.

  So far every day residents of the village are giving us a solid helping hand. It shows the peoples interest in and their engagement for the project. It makes sense too, cause after all these radical changes take place in the very heart of their village. The pictures above shows how the foundation for a new flower bed is being prepared. 

An honorable attendance: The mayor of Pobiedna came by, accompanied by the chair woman of the village (on the right). She was the one who initially came up with the idea of this project and introduced it to the LCP managing team. Together with her two sons she also joins the works whenever her time allows. The mayor showed himself truly impressed by what had been achieved in just a short time.

In the afternoon a big truck arrived to deliver a truckload of gravel which is a considerably important component in an outdoor construction project like this. 

As soon as the gravel was dropped and the truck was gone the kids attack the huge pile exuberantly and with  a big deal of joy and drive, in order to spread the gravel around.

They were not alone: Dedicated workers of all generations - grandmothers, parents, school teachers, even teenagers -  joined the brigade.  That way the pile of gravel had no chance to last long. In fact it diminished quickly and pretty soon the  gravel was distributed to where it belonged.

Everybody wanted to be a part of the action. 

Right away after the play tunnel found it´s place on the little hill, the children were checking out its fun-factor.

Our professional diggerman Richard looks real cool in his booth as he digs the ditch for a new electric wire, which will be used later on in the future for all kinds of events on the village square.

“But what is this?! This cable is not supposed to be here!” Well, it’s just the obligatory cable, that at every construction project appears out of nothing and defies identification.

The tractor naturally is the subject matter of utmost fascination for boys of a certain age. “Look here everybody, I am driving all by myself!” Well, first this young fellow has to wait a bit until he gets his driver’s license. 

The anchient construction rule: Cleaning up the building site in depths rounds up a successful working day and provides the basis for a good start tomorrow. There goes an unconfirmed rumor, that this rule of thumb finds predominantly application among workers with German passports. In this case, Leonard (in the center of the picture) and his arrangement of polished pushcarts on a wagon could be considered a living proof.