Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 10 – Day 13

The work continues in a good pace.

Two of our polish co-workers provide what looks like a rather professional boarding…

They go step by step in the truest sense of the word and in the end the new stairway to playground heaven will be complete.

This display reflects the history of Pobiedna and is located more or less in the center of the village. During the construction works it needs to be removed for the time being, to give the excavator some elbow room to move around. Later, once the works are concluded, it’s new position will be at the entrance to the playground.

Much better than television: an intrigued audience of Pobiedna kids are watching the daily playground-construction-reality-show episode 12, guaranteed absolutely life and in colour.

The screen play of today envisages the continuation of the work on the play tunnel and on the stairways, the building of a new stonewall, digging ditches, painting stonewalls and much much more.

Generally known is, that of all kinds of matter, stones are particularly dense and inert. If you want them to change shape, you need a lot of patience, a strong will and last not least the appropriate tools, like for instance a hammer that deserves the name…

… or, if that doesn’t help, and the stone needs more intensive persuasion, a pickaxe.

Eventually, if you are persistent enough, the most stubborn stones will fit into your concept like a glove. Adil and Igor can tell you all about it.

Some kids are helping Susanna from Hungary to remove the moss of the old stonewall by using a high pressure cleaner. This engineering marvel is sure making this task a whole lot easier as it used to be in the old days, when your equipment consisted of a bucket and a brush.

Along the way in another corner Patrick and his assistant are taking measurements. Next to them Richard on the excavator is digging a ditch for rainwater pipes. 

The ditch is mighty long and deep. The excavator did an excellent job in a relatively short time.

There is a truly international, even intercontinental flair to our construction crew. Here Leonard from Germany is demonstrating his wooden piece of craftwork to Wim from Belgium and Armando from Mexico.

The greatest attraction for the children so far, seems to be the play tunnel. Or maybe it’s Leonard, the gentle giant, or maybe both. In any way it’s the place where the kids use to hang out the most, giving Leonard a helping hand and a lot of valuable advice.


But still it’s far from being done yet. The soil that covers the outside of the tunnel needs to be shaped into a small hill which later on will get a pretty suit of green grass to grow on it.

Some young graffiti artists are getting ready to show some of their skills. Since experimental freedom is the source of innovation, there’s nothing wrong with red grass for a change.

Another one of our guests from a faraway continent, Leticia from Cuba, is neatly collecting some tools on a wheelbarrrow before she goes to lunch…

Zenek from Poland, the personification of a real gentleman, rushes to support her efforts...at least that’s what it looks like…but then suddenly, he starts to unload the wheelbarrow aggain… .

‘What are you doing? I just packed that!’ Letitia wants to know. “Popolsko?” “No comprendo…?” Sometimes it’s like the confusion of tongues at the tower of babel, but with hands and feet misunderstandings are soon be solved and things flow smoothly again.

After the lunch break: Nils got some new energy to get rid of. Spectators seem impressed.

Adil and Igor make the stone wall grow...

…and grow some more….

… and as the day goes by the new stonewall  is almost finished, it’s just getting the final touch ups. All the kids left the scene and have gone home, which reminds us that another working day draws to a close. Followed by a new one tomorrow – but that’s another story of our daily playground-reality-show. Tune in again, don’t miss an episode!