Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 14 - Day 16

Another gravel-festival – Visit by a real president – 
The School of Pobiedna makes nice gesture of appreciation

Those are the headlines of these days coverage of the playground works.
Let’s zoom in…

But first let’s zoom out. This is a shot from a balcony of some of the surrounding houses. It gives you a good overview of the construction site as a whole. In the right corner the tunnel. In the background new stairs and walls. One also comprehends now, where all the gravel went. It might look a bit scraggy still, but that’s the way it goes at any construction place - at first you got to provide the base; the embellishments come later. If you like, go to page one of our blog and compare the photo with the architect’s plan. That will supply you with some ahas. 

Will there ever be an end to the gravel shovelling??? I doubt it. It takes three generations of workers to attack this babe.

 Warning: When you get these split second impressions in which you’re sure, that the pile is getting bigger instead of smaller, you’re in for a break.

Despite all travail: To see the kids' enthusiasm warms your heart and  keeps you going.

Ladys and Gentleman: The President of the PTH (Polish Holosophic Society)! If Darek would have known, when he was asked to take on this time consuming honorary job, that it would also include shovelling gravel, would it have affected his decision? His smile tells us: No way!

After endless hours of heavy wheelbarrow traffic one more time the right level of gravel is reached!

But it’s not over yet. Now it’s time for the high priests of zen raking to perform their art.

And finally the vibrator can rock the scene singing his noisy ballad of shake, rattle and roll.

Whereas the achievements of our heavyweight champ are indisputable, there are some side effects we could do without…lucky is the one who brought a pair of earplugs along.

A nice gesture: the school director of Pobiedna felt that  it was time to reward our contributions to the project by handing us an official ‘Thank You’- Certificate. It sure feels good.

Here is the translation of the certificate above:


For the Polish Holosophic Society
Director and pedagogical team would like to say a heartfelt thank you for involvement in the School’s life, kindness and cooperation, and at the same time wishes you a success in personal and professional life.

Pedagogical council and Director

In Pobiedna 29th of June 2012