Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 17 - Day 20

Edges, ledges, corners, borders, lumps and bumps are what it’s all about these days. And you bet, a playground like ours holds quite a lot of them…

Many years this was an El Dorado for grass to grow wild and free. Now it’s time for it to make compromises. While the old curb stone is twinkling in disbelief: Yes, old curb stone, this is  daylight, remember? You’ll get used to it soon. The young lad seems happy about what he has dis-  and uncovered.
Lawn is lawn and lane is lane! For a more distinct separation in the future the traditional border  stones will be supported by a continuous rubber belt which the grass will have a hard time to surmount. Pretty smart as a matter of fact. 
You need heavy gear, to cut thick concrete slabs. It is reported that Armin endured this operation in good health and in one piece. 
This will be the ditch for the rubber belt. When you are tall as Leonard with his 2 meter and then some, the distance to the ground is accordingly further away than for others like for instance Michal in the background. 
He seems to have less problems with seeing what it is he’s doing down there as Leonard.
The moment everybody has been waiting for: that rubber belt is about to be applied. All hope for a clean and neat edge are resting on this fabulous device with it’s enormous skills.  
Here we go: Stefan inserts the rubber stuff into the gap.     
How pretty! At the end comes Igor and arranges artfully well selected stones to form a little border wall with an elegant swing. 
Meanwhile the excavator is preparing the ground in those areas where the new playing-apparatuses will be set up. 
The sods of grass are being saved and carried to their new place of location…
…which is the top of the hill of the tunnel. We think that’s a good trade. From up here they’ve got the very best view over the whole playground.  
Hmm…it’s not so easy to put this big puzzle of grass sods together again. Just put one sod at the wrong spot and the whole thing doesn’t work anymore and you have to start all over again, or?      But apart from that, doesn’t this look pretty much like them cute little housing of the hobbit village in ‘Lord of the rings’?  
  Good golly, miss molly! This sure looks like a lot of action. It’s the final spurt of the day and the spot where later on the grand play tower and the plank bridge will be erected. 
Three generations of villagers from Pobiedna, as they enjoy the evening sun after a good days work. They seem to be a bit exhausted maybe, but yet quite content to live to see how their future playground is taking shape. We wish a good rest!