Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 21 – Day 24


Unravel the mystery: what does the picture show? A) Secret NASA pictures of Mars B) Footprints of a moose far away from home C) Sand in a playground sandbox D) None of the aforementioned

Sorry, we have no idea - but we DO know, that it’s an important moment in the process of building a playground, when such an essential element as the sand for the sandbox is delivered. Soon you’ll watch short, but ambitious architects building castles in the sand, passionate little bakers, baking their first sandcakes…yummy! 

But first the edges  have to be just right. Remember our headliner from last week? Here is another rim, that has to undergo cosmetic surgery. Thanks to the amazing black rubber band it’ll stay neat and clean for ages to come. The beauty surgeon is Benedict. 

The contours of this curb are still too hard. Doc Benedict knows the remedy.

 Do you believe in love at first sight? Surely, it just happened to Armin and his new flame. Say, isn’t it pretty? Let’s be honest, every real man just MUST be envious. But if you think the cute little mini-excavator is merely LOOKING good, you’re damn wrong! Its remarkable skills and talent is what really blows you away...   
...judge for yourself: Have you ever seen holes, more evenly, more accurate, more beautiful?

Hans, in the center of the picture, turns away. He has just roused a mole. While Niggi assures the offended animal that it was for a good cause. The orange tubes, by the way, help fence posts not to tumble down real quick.

Return of the meterman: Precision is Adrian’s middle name.     

For a few days the barn of the LCP turns into a fence-post-factory.  

Uuuh, this sure looks scary! It’s not Darth Vader though, hiding behind this terrifying mask, but jack-of-all-trades Nils, doing a welding job on a metal pole.

The next step in the production chain seems less risky. Adorable however, how Ilona is still capable to come up with this million-dollar-smile after having applied rust preventing primer on 2798 metal posts.

‘Two shovels of sand, one of cement, a bucket of water…got it?’ Igor explains to Benedikt how to feed the concrete mixer. ’But keep up the pace! The lady just loooves to chew, grind and crumble all day long.’ ‘Gooosh…’ Benedikt remains in awe-stricken silence…

Mission accomplished, post installed! Chief ‘Eagle eye’ checks the water-level. One thing’s for sure: If that post wants to take a little stroll, it better be soon!

Look at that! All them posts are standing tall and proud like tin soldiers at a military parade. Only St. Pete tries to spoil the party - it rains cats and dogs  again. Tough luck, unless you got an east-frisian-mink. People from the coast know what we’re talking about.

These two fellows though are so busy frolicking, they wouldn’t let a few raindrops stop them from playing… 

‘Arf, arf…Hi Amigo, my name is Pepe! I’m the new kid around. I kinda like it here. The folks are nice, food’s great too. I might just stick around for a while. And how about you, buddy? Just what do you think you’re looking at like that!? Get over here and I give you a nice chasin’ around the block! How does that sound to you, pal? Get in gear, and by the time you’ll get here, I’m gonna run this joint, you’ll see…arf, arf!’
Will Pepe follow through with his prognosis? Tune in again next time!