Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 27 – Day 29

Gonzo, Captain Caruso, Bronski the bat and the mystery of the orange giraffe  –– It’s the same old story: The biggest braggarts get the most attention – How benches from Buckingham Palace knocked out the whole working-crew  –  Swarms of crazy kiddies conquered playground      

‚Hellooooo?! How do you do? My name is Gonzo. I dwell at the inside of the playtunnnel, of which I am an integral component since not too long ago. Before that, I merely existed in some adolescent kid’s exuberant imagination. But now I’m as real as you or anybody else. Yeeeees siiir! I better guide you through today’s blog, or else you might get lost. Please follow me. By the way: You might wonder what kind of bizarre animal I’m supposed to be – well, obviously I’m a giraffe! You’ve never seen an orange giraffe? Just keep on scrolling down and we discuss that topic amongst some other facts, that might flabbergast you. Let’s go!’ 

‘See that bunch of kids? They were the first thing I laid eyes on, the moment I saw the light of day and I must say, it could’ve been worse.  The only thing that irritated me was that nobody would talk to me, when I tried to start a conversation. But I can cope with that. 

‘Here they are right in the course of creative action. And look, there is me, in the sublime process of becoming. I’m still a bit pale, lacking colour, as you can see. Right then, somebody must’ve sneezed or done something that distracted the artist, so that he grabbed the orange paint instead of the yellow. That’s the whole story and made me such a unique creature.’   

‘I’m not alone in that tunnel. Here are some of my neighbors: Captain Caruso, the parrot. A very eloquent guy.  I appreciate that I do have someone to talk to at last. And Mr. Bronski, the bat.   A shady looking character. He shuns the day of light and creeps around all night. A real odd bird, or should I say odd dog?? I can’t help it, but there is something in his eyes, that makes me feel peculiarly uncomfortable…’  

‘Now let’s go on to something else entirely. This morning a huge truck stopped by to unload 6 solid tons of pebbles. That truck was quite a showoff – okay, he WAS coming on strong, but did he have to proclaim that in larger-than-life letters all over his enormous torso? It’s the same old story: The biggest showoffs get all the attention. Everybody stopped working and gazed in awe, as if they were watching the landing of a UFO. Pathetic! It wasn’t like THAT interesting, was it?’ 

It took the folks a while to shake off that hypnotic state of awe, but then they really had ants in the pants. They grabbed just about every wheel barrrow they could possibly find in the whole village and began to decimate that enormous pile of pebbles.’

‘Boys and girls, men and women, big and small, short and tall, young, old and middle-aged, everybody filled his wheelbarrow with the delicate stony stuff…

 …and distributed it all over the sandy areas of the playground. You might ask yourself: “Why? What’s wrong with the sand? Is it like…, too soft, or something??” Tell you what: I have no idea. But I’m just a giraffe, not an expert. Maybe somebody accidentally ordered quicksand, or so?

‘However, the kids didn’t seem to have a problem with it. I myself don’t really care that much. I have to hold the line in my tunnel. When would I get the chance to fall from a climbing scaffold and depend on a soft landing?’  
 ‘What else have we got? Well, the benches got delivered and generated loads of admiration. Rightly so, for they are real beauties, don’t you think? They look so upper-class, so aristocrate, that the suspicion came up, that some might have ‘borrowed’ them from  Buckingham Palace on a moonless night. 

‚But these benches were not only easy on the eyes. On top of that, they were extremely comfortable to sit on – some real back-pleaser, so to say.’

 ‘And here comes the bad news about it: Once you got seated, nothing in the world made you want to get up and go back to work again. Thus the project came to a complete standstill. 

‚Our little co-workers had to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. They took the bull by the horns and the crew by the hand, by setting a good example. Thank God! The project was on it’s way again.’   

‚ „Watch carefully, this is how you do it...“ The young lad had to show the LCP-worker, who’s still a little drowsy, how to handle the electric drill properly.’

‚Now let’s adress the fence situation: This snapshot shows it’s bleak and naked skeleton. It might’ve looked pitiful for a moment, but there was no reason to feel sorry for it, cause hundreds of meticulously manufactured fence laths made it a true eyecatcher shortly after.’    
‘Even more so, since it got furnished with a golden glimmering oil based wood stain to protect it against the nagging teeth of the elements.’

’Towards the end of the day, after all obstacles had been overcome, there was no holding back anymore: The kids went wild and stormed the playground for a primary round of intensive playing, long before the playground’s official opening ceremony. Who was to blame them? They kept a low profile for so long, they sure deserved it big-time, this time. The motto of the late afternoon was: Let the children play!’ 

‘Uncertainty came up one more time, as the kids were seriously putting weight on the playing scaffold: Would it meet the challenges or collide after all? The suspense was downright palpable...’

‘And yet another severe stress test: The brave young lady assumed full risk. But everything turned out just great! All the  playing gear stood tall and strong and presumably will in the future, for many decades to come. The cute white dress staid clean also.’

‚As the day draws to an end, the playground’s unofficial grand premiere went by. Still some exhausted but thoroughly happy kids, who plaid themselves into the ground, found it hard to part. Our young friend in the foreground found a solution, that made perfect sense from an economic time-managing standpoint: Why waste time to go home for the night, when in the morning, he would have to come back anyways? Smart kid. I’m sure somebody handed him a blanket.’               

‘Allright folks, we reached the end of the blog for today. Thanks a lot for your attention. Make sure to look up  your old buddy Gonzo when you’re in the area. You can be sure, that Captain Caruso and myself shall have many more exiting stories to tell by then. Unless in the meantime we have become something like a light-snack-inbetween for Mr. Bronski…’