Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 30 – Day 32

King Size Spring Rolls roll in – Some more fancy Comic-Creatures – Soft pathways through filigree gravel – Leonhard survives bunny-attack – The little big swing-test – Green light for greeneries 

Green light for greeneries of all kind! That is today’s motto. But first the ground needs to be prepared. Plants kinda like that.

Then the first avalanche of green stuff comes rolling in. But wait a minute! Was there a special offer of king size spring rolls at the Chinese restaurant around the block? No, it’s just 250 sqm of sod, freshly wrapped, neither hot, nor greasy, that will make for a wonderful lawn. 

While the sods are waiting to get unrolled, you got to keep them happy and moist. Nils delivers a special technique with a high entertainment-factor, obviously based upon the flamenco workshops he had taken years ago urged by his girlfriend of that time. 

It needs two, to unroll a sod-carpet.  

After preparing the ground properly, you cover the designated areas with the sods and put the whole thing together like a puzzle. If you are a good team like Leonhark…, sorry, Leonhard and Ola, you can really pick up speed. If you look closely you see Nils resting in the slide, taking a siesta after his temperamental flamenco performance. 

Eager activity all over the playground: In the foreground the new sandbox has just arrived and needs to be filled up with sand. In the background Wim and Benedikt are still unrolling sods. At the left the new stonewall is being painted, while the person sitting on the stairs is checking incoming e-mails on it’s new iPhone.       

 Our last blog’s host, Gonzo the giraffe and his friends were the first to discover the playground as a comfortable dwelling place for comic-figures. The word spread around and the next one to follow was Theophile the crocodile from Nile, who soon found out, that you can have a pretty cushy number around here. 

Also Nemo and Crusty, the crab left the ocean to check out what it is about to be on solid ground. Apart from that they expect a whole lotta playground action and very likely they will not be disappointed at all. 

The rather grey and colorless pathways are about to experience a significant makeover. They will be covered by a thin layer of a certain kind of soft and refined orange gravel, that not only looks by far more attractive, but is very much nicer to walk on.    

During the course of the action Leonhard gets stuck with one of his huge pancake-hands in a bunny hole, but did not loose his cool and could soon be freed. 

After the treatment by Wim and his roller, who provide an immaculate smooth surface, the pathway looks like something you don’t really want to step on.  

Will the swings live up to the high expectation? Is the gear calibrated fine enough, so that peak performances shall be possible? It’s of essential importance, that the certain tickle in the pit of the stomach at the zenith of the swinging process comes about. The young and daring testpilots soon found out, that everything works just right. The first jumping-from-the-swing-records are waiting to get  established.

The great plant delivery: Loads of about everything that the botanic world has to offer leaves the truck. Somewhere on these grounds will be the spot, where each one of them, might it be a tree, a bush or a flower, will spend the rest of their happy life as a plant.

Three young hobby botanists extend their floristic knowledge by trying to determine the species.

Nils is unwrapping this young and thus still extremely flexible lime-tree. In just a few years it will be grown up and afford shade and shelter to kids, parents and everybody else who likes to make use of the playground as a zone of comfort, joy and relaxation.  

 Not only are plants wonderful to look at, they also have suchlike names. The grace of this Magnolia (right) was obviously so ravishing that nothing from this universe was good enough to serve as an adequate inspiration for a name – therefore one had to search further away. The blueberry bush is not only a treat for the eyes, but also for the taste buds.   Some other beauties that will embellish the playground are Hortensia (down below), Rhododendron, Lilac, Forsythia, Ornamental Currant and Weigelia, just to name a few. 

It feels good to know, that later on you can point out the bush you yourself have planted with your very hands.

If you leave just the right gap between the little bushes, they will soon become a dense and serious piece of hedge.  

Thoughtful and sensitive planting, with love, confidence and in nutritious soil, brings about best gardening results. All that’s left to give our green friends the perfect start into living in a new habitat is a warm welcome drink – in this case a big gulp from the watering can.