Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 33 – Day 35

What have Tarzan, Indiana Jones, an indecisive frog and Oktoberfest got to do with the playground in Pobiedna? And did you know that Picasso is alive and kickin’, Gonzo the giraffe will never be alone again and it always pays to fight for your right to party? Reading on will wise you up!

 The travail and tribulation of burdensome work is all in all over. A lonesome worker still applies  a final coat of plaster onto the old stonewall. All other tasks that are still waiting for completion include a high factor of fun and creativity. 

 Imagine a world without color – it would be grey and dull. To add pigments, surely was one of God’s best ideas. And for a kid’s playground it’s mandatory to look fancy and colorful. Today a brigade of young and creative artists will ensure that our playground meets this criterion. Picture above: 
Today’s dominant tool in use. 
 The material to work with is high quality washable dispersion paint. When all colors of the rainbow are at one’s disposal, it’s hard to take a pick.

 Everyone chooses his own sphere of action – either with a friend, or…

... all by yourself. It’s easy to get significant results in no time, if...

...you have a large number of gifted small and tall Picassos, Monets and Mirós to approach the artistic challenge of the day as a collective.      

Whether it’s a building or a park, the entrance is what conveys the first impression and leaves an impact on the visitor´s mind. In our case the pavement in the entrance area of the playground had to be completely renewed. Apparently in quick motion, as the two pictures insinuate: One moment it’s under construction (above), the next one it’s done and ready to be walked on (below). Furthermore the display, on which the history of Pobiedna is documented, was finally put up at its new centrally located position. Now it may serve its purpose again: To inform and to sharpen historical consciousness.    

Bit by bit the tiniest residents of Pobiedna begin to comprehend to which extent the playground expands their variety of leisure time activities and pursue first investigations. Whereas the frog’s indecisive facial expression reveals: It hasn’t fully come to terms with the situation it got itself into. Maybe because its not specifically known as a riding animal.  
 Picture above: These young fellows fight for their right to party. The tunnel seems to be an excellent location to live it up. The times when Gonzo and his friends stuck to themselves are most likely over. They will have to adapt to a lot of company from now on.
Picture below: Among the many attractions which the new playground holds, the ropeway might be the greatest. Everybody loves it: Children of all ages, adolescents, teenyboppers, even adults who remained young at heart. At the opening celebration Tarzan and Indiana Jones are expected to stop by to hold a workshop.  
Excellent style scores for this young gymnast on the high bar. A candidate for the next 
Olympic games, no doubt.

A charming and decorative idea:  Take the chance to leave a distinctive mark that prooves that you were there in the summer of 2012, when a new time reckoning for kids began. Might as well be, that sometime in the future this cute little artist gets the chance to show the print of her palm to her own little children.   

   These gay individual signatures leave no doubt who rules over this territory.  

Rugged, die-hard seating furniture, which defies wind and weather, is installed. From here parents and grandparents have the chance to keep an eye on their little ones and enjoy watching them play. Leonard and his comrade look like they’ve just ordered a grand mug of nonalcoholic beer. They absolutely deserved it, that’s out of the question.

 There’s even a team-meeting taking place right in the midst of all the surrounding excitement. It’s about the opening celebration that needs to be arranged. 

 Hooray! Gonzo has made it onto the poster for the inauguration party. Proudly he presents the agenda items, which promise a good balance between ceremony and entertainment.

 You don’t have to be a prophet to know, that this fuzzy fellow is going to take an active part in the playground-action as soon as he gets the chance to. Right now he’s getting ready to watch the opening celebration, which is about to take place soon. His excellent pole position is something you could have in common with him, if you choose to check our next blog…